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Application Form

Scout Personal Details

Parent / Guardian Personal Details


If the child requires particular medical or psychological attention, kindly specify below:


Permission for photographs (digital and printed) and videos in which the child may appear that may be held in albums/ log books/ frames/ library and published via the Group or Association Website, Facebook, Instagram or other social media.

Thanks for submitting!

Section B (Medical Information) refers to information that is permanently held at the Group and/ or Association Headquarters as long as your child remains a member of the Movement. The Group shall be asking for your consent to retain medical information prior to camps, by means of a health/permit form. It has to be noted that websites are accessible from all over the world. In the eventuality that you give your consent in Section C, the Scout Association of Malta guarantees that:

a. Your child will always be shown wearing decent attire and found in a reputable pose.

b. That your child’s name will not be divulged and that he/she will not be identified any manner. That no personal contact details will be published enabling third parties to contactor identify your child. In accordance with the rights legally granted to parents/legal guardians:

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