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Beaver Colony

The Beaver Scout Section is the youngest Section of our Scouting family, created in 2014.  Its members are made up of children ranging from 5 to 7 years of age.


Activities in this section are based around introducing the children to scouting.  A wide range of activities are held throughout the year, which involve creativity, team work and responsibility.  Such activities include making things such as playing group games, singing,  fun cooking and learning how to be safe at all times, and, most importantly, making new friends. 

Beaver Scouts also get the chance to have their say in our group, as well as choose what happens in the programme of activities with the help of their leaders. This is done through a review of activities during weekly gatherings called Log Chews.

Just like any other section of our Group, the Beavers are an adventurous lot, ready to try new things and experience new adventures on their way to become great Scouts.

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Outdoor Challenge


Friendship Challenge


Personal Challenge


Discovery Challenge

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Beaver Scout Award

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Link Badge


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