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Rover Crew

For 18-26 year olds, Rover Scouts is a network offering exciting opportunities.   It can open doors to new friendships, adventure and unforgettable experiences while at the same time developing your leadership and organisational skills.

Rover Scouts is not just a social club though but is a network of friends offering exciting opportunities. For some Rovers, studying is over and real life is about to begin, for some they are already in the thick of it.  This is the time of life when we need to build our experiences, make our mistakes and enjoy life.

There is still a lot to achieve and still a huge potential for you as a Rover Scout to carry on in a way that best includes what you want out of Scouting, so don’t be afraid to get involved.

As so much is going on in the life of the average Rover, the programme is designed to be flexible. You pick the challenges and you decide when and how you carry them out.

Everything beyond this is up to you. The possibilities are endless. Go for it.



01 My induction.png

My Induction

02 My Social.png

My Social

03 My Physical.png

My Physical

04 My inner balance.png

My Inner Balance

05 My Future.png

My Future

My Departure.png

My Departure

Silver Crest.png

Silver Crest Award

Scout of the world.png

Scout of the World Award

Messanger of Peace.png

Messenger of Peace Award

Patrimonito Award.png

Patrimonito Award

Champion for Nature Challenge Award.png

Champion for Nature Challenge Award

Explorer Belt.png

Explorer Belt Award


Tide Turners Plastic Challenge


Scouts go Solar



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