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Xgħajra Scout Group - Campsite Rules

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These rules & regulations set out the complete agreement between the people/entities renting the premises or part-thereof (hereafter referred to as the ‘customer’ / ‘the party’) and Xgħajra Scout Group (hereafter referred to as ‘We’) 


By submitting a booking it means that the customer is abiding with our rules & regulations.


We reserve the right to change/add these rules & regulations as necessary 


A damages guarantee deposit of €250 is to be submitted with a 25% booking deposit.


The guarantee deposit will not be refunded if there are any damages to the site, equipment or property, we reserve the right to quantify the damages ourselves and hold the money accordingly. 


A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total  is to be paid upfront to secure booking.  


If the customer does not adhere to the rules & regulations explained hereunder, we reserve the right to ask you to leave our premises/campsite immediately without any refund. 


​Rules & Regulations




  • On arrival, the leader of the party will meet one of our representatives before anyone enters the premises. The time of arrival in the morning is 9am and in the evening is 5pm.  


  • The leader in charge of the party will inspect the campsite/ Kitchen / Indoors with our representative and any thing which is not in working order taken note of.




  • On departure,, the leader of the party will meet one of our representatives before anyone leaves the premises. The time of departure in the morning is 11am and in the evening is 4pm.  


  • The leader in charge of the party will inspect the campsite/ Kitchen / Indoors with our representative and any thing which is not in working order taken note of.


Early arrivals 


  • May be accepted only on request and at an additional charge.


Late Departure


  • Accepted only on request and at an additional charge 




  • Accepted only up to 15 days prior set date of arrival, otherwise deposit is not refundable.




  • Bookings are accepted only not later than 15 days prior date of arrival




  • All motor vehicles are allowed within the premises for loading and unloading purposes only and for not more than one hour at a stretch. All vehicles are to be parked outside the premises during the night.



  • Bicycles are accepted within the premises, if not being used. Bicycles in the campsite are not allowed.



  • The quiet period in the premises  is from 11pm to 7am. This must be respected and will be enforced with police if deemed necessary.


  • Friends and family members  that are not staying over-night must leave the campsite by 11pm otherwise overnight stay rates will apply.


  • Picnic tables are located in the campsite. Prior to departure the customer is to make sure they are left in their original position. 


  • The security of personal and group property on the campsite is the responsibility of the owner.  We will not assume any responsibility  for any loss or damage to such property.


  • Respect wildlife, the site and nature


  • We love our pets and we consider them part of our Group. Aggressive behaviour of any form towards our pets and our flora is not tolerated and will mean immediate expulsion of all the party from our premises without refunding. Legal action will be taken against such behaviour. 


  • Campsite users must understand that they are within a  historical site and must therefore, in no shape or manner, damage or alter the property in any way.  Failure in doing so will incur charges or legal action accordingly.


  • Smoking is not allowed in the campsite and indoor premises.  Smoking is only allowed in assigned areas.


  • Drunk, disorderly, or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated at any time and will be enforced with the help of police if deemed necessary.


  • Music is permitted, within reasonable volumes. All music is to stop after 11pm.




  • Wood fires are only allowed provided firepits. Customers who opt to bring their own may do so as long as they do not damage the campsite. Fire containers that rest directly on the ground will not be accepted as they will damage the soil.


  • Barbeques are permitted only in barbecue sets. Makeshift stone barbeques are strictly prohibited in the campsite.   


  • Camp Ovens are only permitted in designated areas.


  • All fires must be out by 11pm. A bucket of water must be available as a precautionary measure at all times next to the fire.  Any fires and subsequent damages occurring as a result of mishandling or irresponsibility must be paid for.  Legal action will be taken should there be structural damage.


  • No fireworks, flares, sparklers or open flames are permitted.




  • All lights must be switched off by 11pm.


  • Any spotlights used must always face the campsite so as not to disturb residents.




  • All the waste generated is to be separated as per Wasteserv regulations, and shall be taken out of the premises prior leaving. We reserve the right to apply a charge if waste policy is not respected, or rubbish is left sparse anywhere within our premises. 


Showers and Toilets


  • The showers and toilets allocated, can only be used by the guests renting the site and should be clean at all times. A clean fee of 50 Euro will apply if they are left dirty.




  • Our  kitchen is fully equipped with industrial cookers, fridges, freezers and sink. Utensils are also available and will be registered upon arrival.

  • Should anything be found missing  from our kitchen, the guarantee will be kept on hold until the items return to our campsite.

  • You are responsible for any damages occurring in the kitchen during your stay and will be asked to pay accordingly.

  • Gas is included in the rent.

  • Replacement gas cylinders are accepted. Customers can bring their own gas especially for larger groups. 


Indoor Premises

  • You are welcome to use our indoor premises at an agreed extra cost, however, you are kindly asked to leave all loose furniture and equipment in their original place on departure. Failure to do so will mean an additional charge of 50 Euro (for displaced items). Damages are subject to a separate estimate and deductible from the 250 Euro damages guarantee.

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